Meet Duncan

IMG_0451I have always enjoyed sport, fitness and being active since an early age. All my way through primary school I played football in the winter and cricket in the summer. Alongside this I also swam for a local swim club.

It wasn’t until I went to secondary school that I started to play rugby, which very quickly became my main passion in life. I played for my school on a Saturday and a club side on a Sunday as well as the various training sessions that took place throughout the week also.

When I turned 16 I was given a membership to a local gym and of course, being a 16 year old boy, headed straight for the free-weights section. I followed random workout programmes I picked up out of various fitness magazines and things I came across on the internet. I also completed a Gym Instructors course as I wanted to learn more about how to use all of the equipment to maximum benefit. I enjoyed going to the gym and enjoyed playing rugby and knew somehow I could combine these two interests together in order to put myself in a better position to compete on a rugby field.

It wasn’t until I started playing colts level rugby and higher that I came across strength and conditioning and immediately fell in love with it. I always enjoyed the “strength” aspect more than the “conditioning” aspect, and probably still do to this day! This discovery gave me a bit of direction and focus as well as a new interest to pursue.

All the way through my late teens and even into my early 20s my only goal in life was to play professional rugby union. I was lucky enough to play to a county and “A” team standard but never quite good enough to make the step up to competing professionally. After I had come to terms with this I realised I needed a career elsewhere to devote my time and attention.

Having had various jobs, nearly all of which have been in the health and fitness industry, I have realised I not only enjoy being around people being active but also helping people achieve the goals they set for themselves in life.

Tired of working for companies that aren’t too bothered about you achieving success, as well as a lack of proper strength and conditioning facilities, I have now decided to set up my own company DSW fitness. My aim is to provide “Professional strength and conditioning for amateur athletes”, DSW fitness is a culmination of many years of training and research into strength and conditioning. It is time for me to stop just helping myself and to start helping other athletes achieve their own dreams and goals.

I do not consider myself a powerlifter, a strongman, and Olympic weightlifter or a Crossfitter, even though all of these types of training appear in nearly all of the training programmes I produce. I am a lover of self improvement, making you the best you that you can be! Don’t think you’re an athlete? You are:

You are an athlete!

A good workout or training session can give you so much more than just physical strength. Things you learn while training will apply to other aspects of life, and not just in a physical sense. You will develop a mental strength, pushing your body beyond the limits of what you thought it were capable of doing. You will learn to be accountable, you will find out how bad do you really want it? Whatever “it” may be for you, you have to be motivated to go out and work for “it”.

I am here for you and helping you achieve personal greatness, however I can only work with a very limited amount of athletes and individuals. You by no means have to be the fittest or the strongest, the only thing I will ask of you is that you are 100% committed to your own success.

This is not a quick fix, this is hard work! So if you are ready to achieve “it”, make a commitment to you and separate yourself from the competition then it is time to make the change!

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