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Whether you are a competitive athlete training for sport, or a fitness enthusiast training for life, our effective, evidence-based and highly rated Online Coaching service will ensure you maximum success in achieving the targets you have set yourself.

Like our Face-To-Face Coaching service, Online Coaching begins with a FREE consultation or video call so that we can discuss your goals and current lifestyle in detail. We will then create a bespoke training programme for you and send it straight to your email inbox each week.

How online coaching works

You will have the option of training 3, 4 or 5 days a week and 24/7 support will be provided to keep you motivated and on track.
You will be able to send videos of your training for analysis on a daily basis, receiving quick responses & feedback via WhatsApp.

You will also check in with Duncan once a week and will receive guidance and support on areas such as exercise,
your training and nutrition, so that you will never feel lost on your journey.

All for only £40 a month

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