Tuesday Challenge 27/6/2017

Hello one and all and welcome back to another week of the DSW Tuesday Challenge. Last week we hit the spicy one, we completed the session last Thursday during the Conditioning sessions we have here in the evenings. Everyone complained about it, one person was still feeling the effects yesterday but all of them were glad that the took on and took down the challenge of “The Spicy Peanut”.

As usual we are busy here at Unit G6 and all of our athletes hard work over the past 8-12 weeks has come to show over the last few days. It started last Wednesday when our athletes that has been training to pass her fitness tests to get into the London Fire Brigade attended her testing day. She smashed it, making it a lot further that she had done before when she went to a trial day. They were due to let her know how she got on Friday via email but couldn’t wait that long and emailed her on Thursday to offer her a place on the 8th and final stage of selection!

Saturday saw our K1 kickboxer dominate his opponent across three 2 minute rounds, there are plenty of adjectives I could use to describe his performance. Professional, calculated, smart but none better than the word already used…dominant. The performance was so impressive that there is serious talk of a title shot in October.

Finally on Sunday we had one of our Online Olympic Weightlifting athletes Mike max out after his first 12 week cycle with us. I am extremely pleased to say he managed to Snatch 100kg and C&J 130kg at 70(ish) KG bodyweight. 100kg Snatch is a big milestone for any Olympic weightlifter and is a bit of a “right of passage” in the sport so I am really pleased to be a part of the journey with Mike, getting him over the final hurdle!

Anyway, enough bragging about their accomplishments and let’s talk about how we are going to get our own fitness better this week. So I know last week was a good amount of volume so this week will be slightly different.

In the past I have produced workout on the Tuesday Challenge that you could do anywhere, or ones that were specifically designed to be done in commercial gym settings or “wellness centres” as I like to call them. These council locations and chain gyms aren’t really gyms anymore!!

This week’s workout is designed to be done in garage gyms, CrossFit boxes or anywhere that lets you drop barbells, use chalk, has HEAVY sandbags and HEAVY tyres. Check out what we’ll be doing this week and what you should be doing:

As fast as possible using proper technique complete:

Barbell C&J: x20 reps (M@60kg/F@45kg)
Sandbag/D-Ball to Shoulder: x15 reps (M@60kg/F@30kg)
Tyre Flips: x10 Reps (If your tyre isn’t off a HGV or is wrapped in a nice plastic cover with handles on it then it’s not a tyre!!)

***REST 5-10 Minutes then go back up the ladder, starting on the tyre flips!!****

If you can’t C&J a barbell with safe and proper technique then use dumbbells or even better would be some kettlebells. Use a weight that is going to provide a bit of a challenge, if it doesn’t challenge you then it will never change you! As always, Have fun, keep safe and I’ll see you all here next week for more of the same! Stay STRONG!!!


Tuesday Challenge 16/5/2017

Hello to one and all, welcome back for another week of DSW fitness UK’s Tuesday Challenge workout. I hope that we all put a proper shift in on last week’s workout, some new movements in there that we haven’t seen before. This week we are going back to basics, beautifully simple movements combined for a brutally effective outcome!

This last week for me has flown by! As well as my usual coaching going on at Unit G6 I was also at BodyPower, the world’s largest fitness expo, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was there in my role as Senior Coach Educator for KBT Education and initially was a bit sceptical about how things would go. I have to say however it was an AMAZING experience. So many awesome and inspirational people all together under one roof, I had a great time. I would highly recommend going next year to anyone that is interested in the fitness community.

On the Saturday I was invited to give a lecture on the “Back to Basics” stage on the subject of Strength and Conditioning for Competitive CrossFit Athletes. I thought that because of the subject matter I wouldn’t really get that much interest but I have to say my email inbox has exploded since the weekend with people saying how much they really enjoyed my perspective on the subject, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that has got in contact and I promise I will personally respond back to you one I have the chance!

Anyway, enough about the past. I have been full steam ahead with my own training so far this week, gym was nice and busy on Monday evening and all my athletes are getting a lot stronger! I have tested this week’s workout on my boxer and also on myself, it’s a good one this week but is going to take me a while to explain! The workout in it’s most simple form is below:

10-1 Reps of:

10M Deadwalk Complex (M@24KG/F@20KG)
2x KB Clean & Press (M@20KG/F@16KG)
10M Deadwalk Complex
2x KB Thrusters (M@16KG/F@12KG)

(Deadwalk Complex is 5x Deadlifts into a 10M Farmer’s Walk into 5x Deadlifts)

Above is a very poor drawing of the set up of the workout. You will have 2 separate stations 10M apart. One will where you will complete C&P and the other one you will complete Thrusters, you will move between the two doing a farmer’s walk at 24KG each hand if you are a boy, 20kg each hand if you are a girl.

You start at point “B”, do 5x Double KB Deadlifts with 2x 24KG Kettlebells if you are a boy, 2x 20KG Kettlebells if you are a girl. Once you have done your 5 deadlifts at point “B” you then Farmers walk holding the KBs to point “A” and do 5 more deadlifts.

At this point you then set the 24s/20s down and complete 10x Double KB Clean & Press with 2 20KG KBs if you are male, 16KGs if you are a female. Once the 10 reps are completed you then pick up your 2x  24KG/20KG kettlebells from point “A” and do 5x Deadlifts, 10M walk to point “B” holding them and then 5 more deadlifts.

At this point you then complete 10x Double KB Thrusters, men at 16KG and females at 12KG. Once the ten reps are complete you are back where the workout began. You then go through the above complex again as you did from the start but decrease the reps by 1 on the C&P and Thruster stations. the Deadlifts always remain 5 at point A and B. You keep going until you complete all of the reps at station A and B, finishing with 1x Thruster!

This is a beast of a workout, it gets very tough on your grip strength and if you do not employ proper technique on the Thrusters and C&P then you will fatigue very quickly. Make sure you are using your legs as much as you can for both of those movements, as well as keeping your back nice and tight on the deadlifts and farmers walk.

I’m off now guys as I have emails to reply to, athletes to coach and weights to lift! If you need any more help or explanation for this workout then email me on info@dswfitness.co.uk and I will be more than happy to help you out. Until next time, have fun, get comfortable being in-comfortable and stay STRONG!


Tuesday Challenge 11/4/2017

Welcome back to the blog for another Tuesday Challenge, I hope that we all had fun with last week’s little number. I don’t know about you guys but the worst part of that was the numbers increasing every round. When I originally programmed and tested that workout with one of my athletes we did it so that it started on 10 reps and you worked down to 1 rep.

It was an OK workout at that point, got the heart rate up and was honestly just “good enough”. However as my mentor Zach Even-Esh would tell you “good enough is the death of greatness” and so with that in mind I drove home Monday night from the gym thinking about how to make it suck more.

I had mentioned to my athlete I tested it out with that I think it was a touch too easy and I thought it would work better with the reps going up. Thinking about this on the way home, as well as remembering the look of fear in his eyes at the suggestion, I knew it may work better with the reps on the increase.

So Tuesday morning instead of my usual wake up, answer emails, head to the gym and think about what fitness I want to do that day I got up and knew what I had to do. So we got in a strong cup of cold brew on the way to the gym and got in to test the new rep scheme, it worked out a real treat! The challenge for me was not so much on the physical side of things, the fat that the workload was increasing each round provided a mental challenge to the workout that I enjoyed trying to overcome!

So now we are here, the week after and we all want to know what’s in store. If last week didn’t get your heart rate up enough and you just like getting hot and sweaty you’ll love this one! Check it out below:

“J.M.’s Bum Fantasy”

10 Rounds as fast as possible:
Calories on Airdyne/Rower: x10
Russian Kettlebell Swings: x10

8 Rounds as fast as possible:
Barbell Thrusters: x8
Box Jumps: x8

6 Rounds as fast as possible:
Deadlifts @ Bodyweight: x6
Strict Pull Ups: x6

You will move from one workout straight to the next one as fast as is reasonably possible. I had my bar for thrusters and the box out for the 8 rounds before I started my 10 rounds of fitness. Really the only time you should stop is to put more weight on the bar for your deadlifts, you should be moving at all other times!!

Use a fairly heavy kettlebell for the swings, I used a 32 and so did my athlete that tested this with me. Thrusters we both did with a barbell at 40kg and the box jumps were done to a 24″ height. This is about mid-thigh height for the both of us, you don’t need to go crazy on the height for this workout, there’s a lot of reps to get through without face planting anything.

Deadlifts at bodyweight were very comfortable for both of us, so all rounds were completed as touch and go reps. Stay safe and execute proper technique, I want you to get onto as fast as you can after you finish with the jumps. If you are unable to do deadlifts for reps at your bodyweight then I would advise you to get your bodyweight down and your strength levels well up. If you are unsure how to do that I offer online programming, it makes you strong like bull!

As always I want to hear how you get on, I have a feeling this will leave hearts racing! Stay safe and have fun, that’s why we do this stupid shit! Stay STRONG until next time…

Tuesday Challenge 14/3/2017

Welcome back one and all for another edition of Tuesday Challenge. Weekly we give you a workout designed to get you comfortable being un-comfortable, this week is no different!

I know a lot of you had fun with last week’s session, we got a lot of positive feedback in the inbox and a delightful couple of videos on social media! Every week before I publish these workouts they go through a testing phase at Unit G6, either myself or one of my athletes goes through the session and adjustments are made where necessary.

I am very careful when I programme workouts, I am one of those sad people that think programming is an art form. I believe that workouts should have a flow to them, sometimes they are long and complex. On other occasions they can just be beautifully simplistic but brutally effective!

This week I had to test this bad boy out on myself, so I can tell you first hand this is a good one. Obviously that is a bias opinion so you’ll have to give this a go to see I’m correct 😉 This week you’re going to need a pair of 16kg kettlebells, ’cause we gonna rock them bells!!

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Clean & Press
Front Rack Squats
20m Farmers Walk
20m Farmers Walk

  • Rounds 10 through to 6 you must complete all clean & press, squats and farmers carry without letting go of the kettlebells. Once you complete the first 20m carry you can but the weight down for no more than 1 minute. You must then do the swings, thrusters and following carry unbroken. Once you return you may place the weights down and rest for less than a minute again before starting the next round of clean and press.
  • Rounds 5 down to 1 you must complete your entire round without letting go of the kettlebells. Eg 5xC&P-5xSquats-20m Walk-5x Swings-5x Thruster-20m Walk then Rest before going to your round of 4.
  • Should you have to break anytime other than the designated periods of rest you must pay an immediate 7x Burpee penalty.

The original plan for this workout was to do it with 20kg kettlebells but that turned out to be a bit much with the grip stipulation in place as well. I was also planning on the squats being alternate lunges each side but that was far too much, especially because I wanted the kettlebells to be in the front rack position for whatever the movement was going to be.

I managed to get through this without doing a single burpee and I didn’t really utilise all of my time allowed in the rest breaks. I would challenge you to push yourself to pick up the kettlebells before you want to after you have rested, it makes this thing a lot more interesting on your grip. This is a great workout for developing work capacity, mental toughness and your overall general physical preparedness. Have fun and stay STRONG!