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Online programming

I first met Duncan back in November 2017 on my level 1 weightlifting course. After completing the weekend course and learning everything I needed to progress as a coach, I got in contact regarding his online programming. This stood out massively as it would bring more structure to my training and I knew he would push me to be the best I can be.

Not only is Duncan reliable with his programmes but he has always supported me with my training and in competitions. With his help I’ve had much more success in competitions, and during the time we have been working together, became the U23’s English champion 2019.

The programme itself is super easy to follow and the value for money is amazing. I’d recommend Duncan’s online programming for anyone, whether it’s a beginner or national level lifter, or even an athlete in other sports.

Duncan is only a phone call away from any questions or support needed in training. The last 2 years with him as my coach have been amazing and I’m really looking forward to what 2020 brings.

More competitions, more progress and more competition wins!

Jack Hutchinson, English & British U23 National Champion

I’ve been training with Duncan for over a year now and my technique has come along tenfold, as have my numbers. He’s amazing at knowing when your issue is a technical flaw and knowing when you just need to suck it up, grow some balls, and lift.

He’s so supportive and deals with all of my melodrama with such class and poise.

Shauna, Online Programming for Olympic Weightlifting

free consultation and trial session

We offer a free consultation and trial session with every new enquiry, allowing us to better understand where you want to be with your fitness. This is a great opportunity to work out which one of our membership options is best for you, and of course, a chance to try out our programming so you can experience exactly what it is that makes DSW such a great team to be part of!

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Fitness Centre

I was introduced to Duncan via a friend. After years of struggling with a recurring knee injury that had stopped me taking exercise of any real meaning. I am in my 50’s and was lacking self-esteem after gaining weight and losing agility.

Duncan helped me recover muscle mass and flexibility with a programme of gradual development and sincerity in encouraging my every step. The result? After 3 years in the gym my knee is so much stronger, I have even been snowboarding! I still have limitations, but it is so much better… I am fitter, have lost weight and my general conditioning is in the best shape for as long as I can remember.

No matter your age, your condition or your weight, if you show commitment to Duncan he will show you the way to fitness and strength that will make you feel a whole lot better!

Richard Gray, CEO ARIME

I started the gym last summer as I had applied for a Trainee Firefighter job with the London Fire Brigade. I knew I needed to work on strength building specifically to pass the fitness stages of the recruitment. DSW Fitness UK was recommended to me by a friend, I have always used ‘commercial chain gyms’ and was nervous to start going to a specific gym for strength and conditioning.

Duncan was great, and during the first few weeks of training with him, I surprised myself as to how much I really enjoyed this type of training, it was something I had never focused on before.

The main initial goal was for me to pass my fitness assessments for the firefighting job which Duncan made sure I more than surpassed. I got the strength but also the confidence to smash the assessments.

Now I continue to go to the gym because I love it there, the training, the atmosphere and the tailored programmes for what I want to work on. Duncan had always shown great knowledge of the body and its mechanisms, making sure technique was on point to prevent injuries. I can’t vouch for this place more.

Thank you for helping me get onto the training for the Firefighting course!

Vicki Butler, London Fire Brigade