Tuesday Challenge 15/8/2017

Welcome back once again for another Tuesday Challenge. I hope that we have all got over the mental ordeal of doing 100 Burpees as part of our workout last week.

“I hate Burpees” is constantly something that I hear, I used to hate Burpees too. Even more than hating Burpees I hated Wall Balls, so every day for 28 days in a row my warm up was 10-8-6-4-2 reps of Wall Balls and Burpees. Very quickly I decided Burpees aren’t that bad anymore!

I think that rule applies to most things in life, it isn’t the actual movement that we hate but really the thought of doing them. Also, if you are honest with yourself the chances you “hate” whatever it may be is because you actually aren’t very good at it!

The only way to get better at something in most cases is to actually practie and do more of that movement. My weightlifting coach Andy Callard said to me once “You want to get better at Snatch then you probably want to Snatch. You want to get better at C&J then you want to C&J more”.

Check out this week’s Tuesday Challenge below. More Burpees are in there this week you’ll be pleased to hear, this one looks simple but will catch you off-guard if you aren’t ready for it!!