Tuesday Challenge 27/6/2017

Hello one and all and welcome back to another week of the DSW Tuesday Challenge. Last week we hit the spicy one, we completed the session last Thursday during the Conditioning sessions we have here in the evenings. Everyone complained about it, one person was still feeling the effects yesterday but all of them were glad that the took on and took down the challenge of “The Spicy Peanut”.

As usual we are busy here at Unit G6 and all of our athletes hard work over the past 8-12 weeks has come to show over the last few days. It started last Wednesday when our athletes that has been training to pass her fitness tests to get into the London Fire Brigade attended her testing day. She smashed it, making it a lot further that she had done before when she went to a trial day. They were due to let her know how she got on Friday via email but couldn’t wait that long and emailed her on Thursday to offer her a place on the 8th and final stage of selection!

Saturday saw our K1 kickboxer dominate his opponent across three 2 minute rounds, there are plenty of adjectives I could use to describe his performance. Professional, calculated, smart but none better than the word already used…dominant. The performance was so impressive that there is serious talk of a title shot in October.

Finally on Sunday we had one of our Online Olympic Weightlifting athletes Mike max out after his first 12 week cycle with us. I am extremely pleased to say he managed to Snatch 100kg and C&J 130kg at 70(ish) KG bodyweight. 100kg Snatch is a big milestone for any Olympic weightlifter and is a bit of a “right of passage” in the sport so I am really pleased to be a part of the journey with Mike, getting him over the final hurdle!

Anyway, enough bragging about their accomplishments and let’s talk about how we are going to get our own fitness better this week. So I know last week was a good amount of volume so this week will be slightly different.

In the past I have produced workout on the Tuesday Challenge that you could do anywhere, or ones that were specifically designed to be done in commercial gym settings or “wellness centres” as I like to call them. These council locations and chain gyms aren’t really gyms anymore!!

This week’s workout is designed to be done in garage gyms, CrossFit boxes or anywhere that lets you drop barbells, use chalk, has HEAVY sandbags and HEAVY tyres. Check out what we’ll be doing this week and what you should be doing:

As fast as possible using proper technique complete:

Barbell C&J: x20 reps (M@60kg/F@45kg)
Sandbag/D-Ball to Shoulder: x15 reps (M@60kg/F@30kg)
Tyre Flips: x10 Reps (If your tyre isn’t off a HGV or is wrapped in a nice plastic cover with handles on it then it’s not a tyre!!)

***REST 5-10 Minutes then go back up the ladder, starting on the tyre flips!!****

If you can’t C&J a barbell with safe and proper technique then use dumbbells or even better would be some kettlebells. Use a weight that is going to provide a bit of a challenge, if it doesn’t challenge you then it will never change you! As always, Have fun, keep safe and I’ll see you all here next week for more of the same! Stay STRONG!!!