Deload Week

WHAT is & WHY you need a DELOAD WEEK?

A Deload Week is simply just a week recovering from exercise, it is not just a week of not going to the gym! We are all aware of the importance of rest days and how rest is an absolutely essential part of training. All we are doing is extending this concept from a day into a whole week!

Constant training eventually builds a deficit that your body cannot repair within a single rest day. After all, it is not down to you to decide when your body is recovered, your body will tell you! The Deload Week gives you body a chance to catch up with repairing damaged muscle tissue, restoring Testosterone levels and controlling your cortisol levels. Your muscles can recover more quickly than it’s connective tissue and so a Deload Week keeps the ligaments and tendons healthy.

How the Theory Goes:

1) Provide a stimulus (exercise) to an organism (your body)

2) Remove the stimulus (Rest)

3) The organism will adapt in order to better manage the stimulus. (Next time you can Squat 110kg instead of 120kg) This is called supercompensation.


We should all be familiar with what happens at steps 1 & 3, but what would happen if you were to neglect step 2 and continually exercise? The answer is that the organism would deteriorate and die. A never ending stimulus (unceasing exercise) does not make you better, it will in fact make you worse. It will dig you body into a hole that keeps getting deeper and this is overtraining.

IMG_1967Many of the World’s leading and proven Strength & Conditioning coaches use 4 week strength cycles, using precise percentages and incorporate a Deload Week.

So why should you consider working in a Deload Week? You will become stronger, faster, suffer less chronic injuries and less prone to burning out. You will be a better athlete overall and your body will thank you for it, not just in the short term but in the long term too!